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Do you have a reliable recovery plan for your upcoming ColdFusion project?

Disasters can happen even to the best of us and just as in real life, a disaster can take place when you’re working on your ColdFusion server hosting project.

Why do you need a recovery plan for your ColdFusion project?

As a programmer there is a great possibility that you have encountered the dreaded “Blue screen of death”. It is when your Windows operating system crashes and whatever file you are working on, is lost. Many an hour have been wasted and if you add up those hours, maybe millions of hours of work have been lost due to such crashes. Although, the blue screen of death isn’t as common as it used to be, why leave your precious work in the hands of chance?

Here are a few things to include in your recovery plan while working on a ColdFusion project…

  • Take regular backups: This may seem obvious when someone mentions it, people on individual machines may not use editors with autosave on. Establish a routine within your organization to ensure that critical backups are taken – at least the source files – at regular intervals. You can even set an alarm to alert everyone.
  • Save your ColdFusion files at multiple cloud locations: With cloud storage services easily available it doesn’t make sense to save all the files locally. In fact, you can have multiple cloud storage accounts just to save your ColdFusion files. You can create batch files to simultaneously upload the work you are doing every hour to different cloud storage accounts.
  • Develop a solid version tracking system: This may seem complicated at the beginning but once everyone gets the hang of it, it will become routine. Don’t overwrite your older files. Save the latest files in new folders, probably naming them based on the current date. This way, if you need to revert to a previous version, you will easily be able to do that.
  • Ensure physical backups: When you’re working on a critical ColdFusion application you don’t want to delay your project in case your hardware gets stolen or is damaged in a fire, or a flood or an earthquake. Always keep backup hardware and store it somewhere safe.

Having a recovery plan for your ColdFusion project doesn’t have to be complicated. It is more about setting a routine.


What is a VPS (virtual private server)

A VPS, Virtual Private Server, is a very good alternative for those who want to be able to run their own server online without having to invest a lot of money in hardware, software and internet operation. Instead, you rent a VPS for a few hundred bucks a month and can install the programs and web systems you want, usually completely without any restrictions.

The rent includes a good storage space, a good memory capacity and often a lot of support programs and tools that you can use to manage your server and programs. You also get access to the internet through a high-speed line, backup of your data and quick help if you have any problems with your server.

Virtual Private Server

A VPS is a virtual server where you share the server’s hardware with several other customers. You can never access each other’s data or programs, but you log in with your own sessions and see only your programs and your data. The capacity of the physical server is shared between the customers using the same server, which makes it considerably cheaper than buying and managing their server themselves.

On a VPS you can choose which operating system you want to use. You can choose between different Linux models or Windows. You log in to a VPS just as you log in to a regular server and have access to all features, firewalls and other security as if you had your own server. You can add users and share different permissions for these, but also install your own programs that you want to use to publish material online. You control the server’s configurations yourself so that you get the most performance, highest security and flexibility.

Hiring a VPS is a very cost-effective alternative to buying or renting your own physical server.


What does sitebuilder means in web hosting

Building and creating your own website can be a daunting task, and so there are plenty of services on the Internet that aim to make this type of project easier for everyone involved. One of all these services is called Sitebuilder. What it means can actually be ascertained directly by the name. It is a service that helps people with limited knowledge in programming and web design to build their own websites and get their design and appearance to reach an acceptable quality.

You can find different site building services in many places, but it is usually provided by web hosting companies, among others. This is when customers buy domain names through them, and then need help creating the content that said domains should consist of. That’s where the site builder comes in as a perfect assistance. With the help of a clear user interface you can do things like placing navigation menus, contact forms, pictures and text. You can format where on the page it should be placed, and how it should look in the user’s eyes.

The most important thing about a site builder is that it should be easy to use. This is when the most frequent users of a site builder will be people who have relatively little experience of how it works to create a website, design it and make sure it is good to use.

With the help of services such as sitebuilders, the web has become more accessible. This is because it is possible for almost anyone to buy a domain name, and then create content on their website. Setting up your own website can seem like a big challenge, but the fact is that it is quite simple in practice.

So if you’ve been wondering if you could build your own website, it’s time to take a chance, maybe by using a site builder.


Everything about Magento

Today, many people choose to open their own store online. In order to avoid all the hassles that can arise in the creation of an e-commerce store, most people choose to use an available e-commerce system. That’s exactly what Magento is, a ready-made platform you can use when you want to open your e-store. The software works well and is built with an open source code. This means that you can make changes or improvements after you download the program.

The e-commerce system in Sweden

The number of web shops currently using Magento has increased rapidly and helped the platform grow in popularity. Several companies have worked to help the platform to be further developed and because of the help, the software has grown to become one of the most used programs when it comes to online stores.

Of course, anyone can contributed code and modules to improve the platform, and that is what helps Magento to remain among the most popular programs for web hosting.

Benefits of Magento

There are several benefits to the program and after you test it you will also realize what made so many companies choose to use it. First, Magento is easy to download and customize to give you access to a great e-commerce store. The software also offers a variety of layouts and plugins that can help you improve your customers’ interaction with your new website.

Some other things that Magento solves for you are payment solutions, search engine optimizations, it is multilingual and supports a number of different currencies. By downloading the program, you do not have to figure out how to solve all these parts. Furthermore, it can take a relatively long time to create your own website from scratch. With Magento you avoid the most difficult job.

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