A VPS, Virtual Private Server, is a very good alternative for those who want to be able to run their own server online without having to invest a lot of money in hardware, software and internet operation. Instead, you rent a VPS for a few hundred bucks a month and can install the programs and web systems you want, usually completely without any restrictions.

The rent includes a good storage space, a good memory capacity and often a lot of support programs and tools that you can use to manage your server and programs. You also get access to the internet through a high-speed line, backup of your data and quick help if you have any problems with your server.

Virtual Private Server

A VPS is a virtual server where you share the server’s hardware with several other customers. You can never access each other’s data or programs, but you log in with your own sessions and see only your programs and your data. The capacity of the physical server is shared between the customers using the same server, which makes it considerably cheaper than buying and managing their server themselves.

On a VPS you can choose which operating system you want to use. You can choose between different Linux models or Windows. You log in to a VPS just as you log in to a regular server and have access to all features, firewalls and other security as if you had your own server. You can add users and share different permissions for these, but also install your own programs that you want to use to publish material online. You control the server’s configurations yourself so that you get the most performance, highest security and flexibility.

Hiring a VPS is a very cost-effective alternative to buying or renting your own physical server.